An exclusive mountain skill series Webinar

How to Climb Your First Colorado Fourteener

Hosted by
The Next Summit
Alex Derr
June 15th
12:00 MDT

Here is What You'll Learn

Picking a Peak and Route to Climb

There are 58 different fourteeners, but most are not a good option for your first. I'll introduce some of the best beginner 14ers and teach you how to judge them.

Researching Conditions & Trip Reports

It's important to know the weather, trailhead, and peak conditions for your climb so you can prepare accordingly. I'll share several good resources for research.

What Gear You Need to Succeed

From layered clothing and food to the ten essentials, we'll walkthrough the gear you need to stay safe and reach the summit on your first climb.

How to Acclimate and Deal with Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness can affect anyone climbing up to 14,000 feet. I'll explain how to properly acclimate to reduce your risk, and tell you what to do if altitude sickness does strike.

What to Do If Something Goes Wrong

While the chance of an accident is small, there are still a lot of things that can go wrong on the mountain. I'll discuss basic first aid knowledge, what to do if you're lost or stuck in bad weather.

When to Turn Back

From altitude sickness and injuries to bad weather and dehydration, there's a lot of reasons people can't make it to the top. We'll discuss the importance of sticking to a plan and avoiding summit fever.


About Alex Derr

Alex is a Colorado mountaineer, Eagle Scout, and Environmental Policy Expert. Born and raised in Wisconsin, he moved to Colorado for his graduate studies and fell in love with the mountain backcountry. He started The Next Summit Blog to help others discover the mountains, stay safe, and help preserve the peaks for future generations. Alex has a B.A. in Environmental Studies and an M.P.A. in Environmental Policy, Management & Law. He has climbed more than 40 high peaks in Colorado, California, and elsewhere. Learn more at his website here.

June 15th
12:00 MDT
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